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Do you suspect that you have a virus, trojan, spyware and malware on your computer or laptop? Is your computer slow? Are you experiencing popups or a virus scare screen? Do you want the virus removed and your computer optimized? Our remote computer repair geeks are here to help. We diagnose the system in safe mode so you don’t lose any data. We will remove viruses and tune up your computer.

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What do we charge?

One Time Fix: One Computer.$39.99

Unlimited Support 1 Year: Up To 3 Devices.$199.99

What does our remote computer repair unlimited support include?

  • Computer virus removal
  • Spyware removal
  • Computer optimization
  • Device driver issues
  • Internet Issues
  • Wi-Fi setup
  • Browser Issues
  • Printer problems
  • Email setup
  • Recover data ( missing or deleted files)

We remove viruses from over 300 computers a day! Over 200 Selectsys geeks are at your service 24/7!

Call a Selectsys Geek toll free at (866)804-1808

Below is a list of viruses we remove. Selectsys Geeks remotely access your computer in safe mode to prevent data loss and remove all these viruses manually online.

  • Autorun virus removal
    Autorun-virus is a kind of viruses that writes itself on a flash drive (or other external device) and infect user’s computer when the user opens a flash drive in Explorer. We manually remove Autorun Virus online remotely and tune up your PC.
  • Brontok virus removal
    Brontok or Rontokbro is a powerful computer virus that spreads itself through network or USB and the difficulty in removing it once the computer has been infected. We manually remove Brontok virus s online remotely and tune up your PC.
  • MSN Virus removal
    MSN virus is a dangerous trojan horse, which uses MSN Messenger for its distribution. Basically, it can be said that this virus seeks getting into your MSN contact list and send the same infected message to all your friends for increasing its distribution rate. We manually remove MSN Virus online remotely and tune up your PC.
  • Blank Virus removal
    The about blank hijacker installs a browsee helper object BHO in internet explorer which consumes excessive system resources and slows down the internet. We manually remove Blank Virus online remotely and tune up your PC.
  • Backdoor Virus removal
    A backdoor is a malicious computer program or particular means that provide the attacker with unauthorized remote access to a compromised system exploiting vulnerabilities of installed software and bypassing normal authentication. We manually remove Backdoor Virus online remotely and tune up your PC.
  • Redirect virus removal
    Browser can be redirected while you do a Google, Yahoo or Bing search and in this case the malicious programs will hijack you search results and redirect you to similar websites. We manually remove Redirect virus online remotely and tune up your PC.
  • ShortCut virus removal
    Shortcut virus has two variations; the most common is Flash drive Shortcut virus, then the File and Folder Shortcut virus.This shortcut virus replicates your files and folders, hide and replace it with shortcuts.exe. This is a combination of Trojan and Worm. We manually remove ShortCut virus removal online remotely and tune up your PC

Call a Selectsys Geek toll free at (866)804-1808

Selectsys is an independent third party service provider for Help Desk Support, Small Business Support and On-Demand Technical Support for third party brands & products. And we disclaim any type of affiliation or association with the third party brands for which we provide support. The services we offer is also available on the brand owners' website.
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