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Help Desk Services

We provide support services for computers, tablets and phones.

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Our 74 point Net Promoter Score beats Industry average by 5 points with half the cost!

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Selectsys offers support services for computers, tablets and phones and helps set-up, optimize, repair and provide preventive care for PCs, peripherals, networks and other consumer electronics and mobile devices. We service over 25,000 desktops, 700+ service requests a day and maintain over 80 servers.

Help Desk Services: For your Customers (White Label Phone and Chat Support)

We understand providing exceptional customer service is a big part of your daily operations and hence, can become a major expense.

Selectsys provides a unique outsourcing team that works almost like your own team, except, from a different location. We work with your existing CRM, or provide a fully integrated phone, email and chat support CRM. We provide a dedicated toll free number for your customers to call and get their issues resolved in real time. Our team consists of Research Techs, Level 3 Techs, Level 2 Techs and Level 1 Techs. We have a brilliant computer support model called Zero Error Model which is built on Core Competence, Speed and Quality.

Let our Account Manager demonstrate how we can save your customers and your money.

Help Desk Services: For your Employees (Corporate Help Desk)

We realize that success of your organization as well as employees start with computer support.

Selectsys provides top-tier desktop support to your traditional office employees, telecommuting employees and remote employees.  Our zero-error real time premium computer support model has helped several companies increase efficiency, run operations 24/7 and cut support costs by a fraction of what they would have previously paid.

Let one of our Account managers demonstrate how our zero error model will save you those big bucks.

Help Desk Services: For Small business

We understand that most small businesses have less than 10 employees and find it difficult to maintain a full-time in-house or outsourced IT person. With Selectsys Small Business Support you'll receive 24/7 help desk support for up 10 desktops with tiered pricing based on the number of desktops and devices we support.. More

Small Business Support includes:

  • PC and Networking Support 24x7
  • Mobile and Handheld Device Support
  • Virus and Spyware Removal
  • Software Setup and Troubleshooting
  • Email Setup and Troubleshooting
  • Printer Support
  • Server Maintenance and Administration
  • VPN and Firewall Support
  • Third party software installation and support (Citrix, Terminal Server, Go to my PC, Quick Books, CRM systems, Self-service Web site Maintenance etc.)

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Selectsys is an independent third party service provider for Help Desk Support, Small Business Support and On-Demand Technical Support for third party brands & products. And we disclaim any type of affiliation or association with the third party brands for which we provide support. The services we offer is also available on the brand owners' website.
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