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Business Process Outsourcing Services

Selectsys helps Insurance MGAs, Wholesalers, and Carriers Operate 24/7 while improving Back Office Workflows, Efficiency, and Scalability.

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Selectsys Launches a Web Responsive B2C Comparative Personal Lines Insurance Portal in 29 States.

Selectsys helped Cypress Launch MGA Agency Portal in less than 60 days.

Selectsys gives your organization a winning advantage by increasing speed and efficiency in back-office processing, cutting operational costs and turning your operations into a 24/7 shop, all while allowing you to scale up and down as the market dictates. This allows you to turn your fixed costs into variable costs.

With a focus on providing cost and time-effective solutions, Selectsys’ primary objective is mainly aimed at insurance organizations, including retail brokers, wholesale brokers, MGAs and carriers. Our clients find reductions in both labor costs and E&O exposure while seeing increases in top-line growth by allowing them to focus on underwriting, marketing and sales. We help insurance MGA’s, wholesalers and carriers improve back office workflows, efficiency and help scale & operate 24/7. Turn your back office into a well-oiled machine that runs non-stop. We have helped several P&C MGA’s, wholesalers, and carriers save over 50% in back office processing.

We currently support 18 Wholesalers and 5 Insurance Carriers with their business process outsourcing needs.

Benefits of Business Process Outsourcing

  • Streamline your Back Office Processing
  • Increase Service Levels
  • Improve Quality
  • Reduce Back Office Processing Costs
  • Most importantly focus on your core business: Underwriting, Marketing, and Sales

Selectsys Specializes in three areas

  1. New Business & Underwriting
  2. Policy Administration and Servicing
  3. Sales, Customer Service, and Distribution

Sample Processes by Specialization

New Business & Underwriting

  • Quoting New Business: Reduce the turnaround times (Rate: General Liability, Package, Commercial Auto, BOP and other Property and Casualty Lines of business)
  • New Business Submission and Clearance
  • MVR Reviews
  • Carrier and Online Rating and Many more
  • We have experience working with over 70 P&C Carriers, all Agency Management Systems and Several Third Party Rating Systems like NetRate

Policy Administration and Servicing

  • Processing Renewals
  • Policy Issuance on Agency Management Systems and Carrier Systems
  • Claims Processing and Many more…

Sales, Customer Services, and Distribution

  • We are specialized in Property and Casualty Customer Service, Sales, and Support.
  • We handle calls according to your instructions.
  • We have a set of dedicated agents for your MGA, Carrier, or Wholesaler who are fully trained on your products and services.
  • Each chat, phone, and email is an opportunity and we help increase your sales conversions.

Our Commitment To Your Success

We are highly confident of our service which is why we offer a 5-week pilot period of 2 to 3 resources as a free trial period (see the chart below to see the details of the activities during the trial period).

Pilot Period Timeline

Week 1

  • Engagement team documents tasks.
  • Technical team will establish connectivity.
  • The remote staff is assembled in India.
  • Training the remote staff. (Generally 2-3 days)
  • Process manager clarifies questions between the remote staff and the company.

Week 2

  • Work is focused on quality. Process manager engages the company to verify work. (Typically speed and quantity are decreased as this week is focused on quality).

Week 3

  • Weekly partner reports start being sent to the process partner.
  • Work is focused on quality and quantity. Process manager engages the company to verify work.

Week 4 and 5

  • Weekly partner reports continue.
  • The Selectsys process manager takes over from the engagement team.
  • The team will be working at full strength.

Week 2 through Week 5 The Selectsys Process Manager will call the subject matter expert at the process partner to address any issues or concerns between the remote staff and the subject matter expert.

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Selectsys helped us scale-up and cut costs by 75%.

Steve Cota, CIO

Just another department within our company.

Hunter Moss, President

Selectsys has allowed me the ability to focus on our core business.

Eric Smith, CUO